Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If you're in a coma, don't trip on LSD

Sam Tyler really is a fool to himself. There he is, slap bang in the middle of a coma in 1973, and what does he decide to go and do? He only swigs out of a Tizer bottle containing some hippy space dust, doesn't he? As a result, the tripping, time-travelling tec can only watch his colleagues solve crimes on an old black and white television set. But the good news is that if he talks to the box - or, in the case of the love interest WDC, strokes it - he's still able to influence events.

A word of advice, Sam. If you've been taken to hospital in a coma and are hallucinating, don't under any circumstances get yourself taken to another hospital within the hallucination.

Being unconscious once is forgiveable. But twice is beginning to look careless.

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