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'No, Trump is writing this one himself. It will be the best letter...'

The letter from Donald Trump to Kim Jong-Un, which cancels the leaders’ proposed summit in Singapore, will certainly go down in the political annals. Of course, it’s entirely possible that commentators will remember it as a prelude to some catastrophic conflict on the Korean peninsula. If we’re honest, it may signal the end of a brief window, early in 2018, when people naively thought that war might be averted. I sincerely hope it doesn’t have such grave historic significance. But as a copywriter, I can weep a thousand tears without a single shot being fired in anger. What’s extraordinary about the text is that it’s clear Trump actually played a major part in writing it . We can tell because it is so atrociously and bizarrely constructed. There can be few jurisdictions in the modern world where Presidents and Prime Ministers still draft their own correspondence. And if your President was one Donald J Trump, you’d sure as hell keep him the f*** away from Microsoft