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Who is the real face of Brexit?

The picture painted of the typical Brexit voter is of an angry, disenchanted individual in Labour’s working-class heartlands or a brash right-winger at a market stall in a place like Romford.   I’m sure many do fall into these categories. My hunch, however, is that your average ‘Leave’ supporter is someone far more nondescript and anonymous. They live in a fairly decent house in a little modern development, somewhere a few miles outside a moderate-sized town. They drive to work along the same stretch of motorway each morning and complain endlessly about the traffic they encounter near Junction 8. They usually bring a packed lunch, but occasionally nip out to Morrisons at lunchtime. They try not to spend more than £3.99 and like meal deals. They don’t find their job hugely exciting, but they like the people they work with. There’s a Fantasy Football league and last year half a dozen fellow employees travelled down to London to see a show. There are one or tw