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Something old, something new, something borrowed, something red

The news that left-wing Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn draws inspiration from the 1980s will come as no surprise to followers of British politics. It was, however, quite special to discover that some of his conference speech this week was actually written in the days of Bananarama and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. According to press reports, the north London socialist had drawn on text from a speechwriter who'd touted the same blurb to every party boss since Neil Kinnock, only to have it rejected. It's difficult to imagine the conversation between Corbyn and his aides, isn't it? 'We've found the perfect form of words here, boss.' 'Excellent. Can you feed them into this new-fangled autocue thing?' 'Well, there are a couple of problems.' 'What do you mean?' 'Well, first of all, it's in Wordstar. And second, we can't find anything to read the five-inch floppy.'