Saturday, March 10, 2007

I have a fascination with the human body. Can I go to medical school?

In recent days, there's been a fair amount of media commentary on the application forms of university students. Apparently, they have become eerily similar. According to a study commissioned by UCAS, applicants are cutting and pasting model answers from the web. You will be shocked to learn that no fewer than 370 would-be medical students claimed, for instance, to have "a fascination with the human body". This, to my mind, is no bad thing for a medical student. Perhaps even a trait that one might expect to be shared among people hoping to become GPs and hospital consultants.

Things get a little more suspicious when we learn that 234 people set fire to their pyjamas as a child, but it's too easy to jump to conclusions about plagiarism. We may have uncovered an interesting correlation between university attendance and a propensity to play with matches while young. Or, alternatively, the figures may be suggestive of a worrying decline in manufacturing standards in pyjamas during the mid 1990s. The jury is still out. But expected to return in about a quarter of an hour.

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