Monday, March 26, 2007

God rest ye merry gentlemen, all creatures great and small...

Interesting story in The Guardian today (,,2042995,00.html) about cost-cutting measures at the BBC. Members of the congregation invited last November for the pre-recording of the Songs of Praise Christmas Special were somewhat perplexed to find themselves asked to stay on at the end of the show. After a change of lighting and scenery (and a request to remove winter clothing), the hard-pressed producers announced that the Easter Special was about to begin.

That's the kind of forward time travel that would be music to the ears of DI Sam Tyler in Life on Mars.

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  1. While it might appeal to DI Sam Tyler, presumably to his boss Gene Hunt (AKA actor Philip Glenister), it would redolent of the sort of cheapskate stupidity that dominates the BBC these days: