Saturday, March 31, 2007

Disturbing news about Life on Mars

I'd heard that John Simm had become an unlikely sex symbol through the Life on Mars series, but much more frightening is the female following for Philip Glenister, who plays DCI Hunt. His character - a "male chauvinist pig" in the parlance of the early 70s - seems to get the ladies quite hot under the collar. In fact, you get the impression that he'd be free to collar them whenever he liked.

Take this blog from Imogen Ridgway on, for example. The comments from her readers seem to confirm my worst fears:

Do you have a crush on a sexist seventies lawman? If so, why not share your guilty secret on the Washed and Ready comments facility?


  1. There is something strangely attractive about DCI Hunt now you mention it. But I'd choose our hero Sam Tyler any day...

  2. Aliche, they are both way too old for you.