Friday, March 02, 2007

Let's bluesky some ideas for the perfect hit

One of the more bizarre aspects of the recent court case involving Carol Ann Hunter of Tommee Tippee was the fact that she'd drawn up a business plan for the proposed hit on her former partner and his lover. According to authoritative freebie thelondonpaper, the babycare tycoon had constructed a document with headings such as Background, Goals, Strategy, Deliverables, Briefing and Timeline.

I'm running a course on business writing at the moment and will definitely try to work this into the lectures. Material of this kind doesn't come along every day.

What worries me is that hitmen are now expected to have an MBA as well as a shooter. No doubt their prices will be going up very soon.

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  1. I learned that, apparently, in the hitman business, a hurried assassination is known as a "wet disposal". Given the provenance of this lady's wealth, it seemed an appropriate term.