Thursday, December 18, 2008

They wanted to have their cake and eat it

American couple Heath and Deborah Campbell might just have gotten away with naming their kid Adolf Hitler (see, had they not made the mistake of going to their local ShopRite in New Jersey and asking for his name to be plastered over a birthday cake. For some reason, the staff thought the request somewhat inappropriate.

Why the unusal moniker? "No one else in the world would have that name," commented dad, when asked to justify the burden he had placed upon his three-year-old boy. Umm... I think if pops digs just a little further, he may find that someone did once share that name. But he was involved in genocide in Europe about 65 years ago, so there may not have been that much coverage in the Bayonne Bugle.

Hold on a second though. What's this? Adolf's siblings have unconventional names too? Say heil to JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Himler Jeannie. According to press reports, Honszlynn is an oblique reference to SS Chief Heinrich Himmler. One can only imagine that the parents didn't want anything too obvious which would have raised eyebrows in der Schule.

I am praying that this story is a spoof and that Mel Brooks will suddenly jump out of the birthday cake. "I said to Martin Bohrmann, I said Hey Marty, why don't we throw a little Nazi Party?"

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