Sunday, December 21, 2008

Breaker 19, I think we got ourselves a throwback...

When Mrs W and I recently filled up the Woodford Peugeot at a local station, I noticed a sign that warned against the use of CB radios near the pumps.

Can it really be true that in these days of satnavs, mobiles and wireless internet, there are people who choose to keep in touch by CB? I feel like phoning up some of these big oil companies and asking them what century they're living in. But how would the conversation go?

"Hey there Good Buddy, got your ears on? Parked up my four-wheeler the other day and saw your sign. Says the smokeys will be after me if I power up my CB. Ain't no Kojak with a Kodak gonna stop me hitting the airwaves. We down, we gone."

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