Thursday, December 04, 2008

Britain as you've never seen it before

A report tonight on Mrs W's favourite German TV channel, Deutsche Welle, examined how the economic crisis was hitting mince pie sales in the UK. I learned - for the very first time - that in Britain we believe in eating 12 mince pies every Christmas - one for each month of the forthcoming year. It's a way of ensuring good luck.

Mr Kipling clearly needs to double the size of his exceedingly good packs. After all, you frequently hear people tell you they're four mince pies short of their target on Christmas Eve and aiming for a superstitious binge just before Midnight.

The editors at Deutsche Welle should know about another common British superstition. We're only allowed to open our presents and tuck in to our turkey when we've exposed a foreign TV channel for talking absolute cobblers in one of their festive broadcasts.

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