Saturday, November 15, 2008

Improbable plots of yesteryear

Before retiring to bed at Woodford Towers last night, I idled away a bit of time watching an episode of The New Avengers, which I think may have been on BBC3 or BBC4. I couldn't help thinking the plot was a little far-fetched and would be interested in readers' opinions.


In April 1945, a plane departs Nazi Germany, carrying Adolf Hitler and a bodyguard of around 40 or 50 elite stormtroopers. The aircraft crashes on a remote island off the UK and everyone survives apart from the Fuhrer, who goes into a coma. His Nazi pals manage to preserve him cryogenically and kill time for about 20 years or so, posing as monks and spending their days producing fish extracts. Being short of ammunition, they keep their Luger and Schmeisser firearms for show and subdue the local population through the use of poisoned fish hooks, which they cast from rods.

Eventually, they hear of a brilliant German doctor who is able to bring animals back from the dead by means of injections. When he's on a lecture tour of the UK, they kidnap him and smuggle him to their island hideout where they order him to revive the former Nazi dictator.

Now, here's the improbable bit. Somehow or other, before their plan can be activated, Joanna Lumley, Gareth Hunt and Patrick Macnee intervene. The final sequence shows them frogmarching the Nazis away from the island while whistling the tune to Colonel Bogey.

That last bit would never have happened. It was one of those fabricated TV moments.

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