Thursday, November 27, 2008

AQ calling

The Sky News coverage of the Mumbai attacks is, as you might expect, a little over-excitable. One of their correspondents, who was speculating on the likely involvement of al-Qaeda, started referring to the terror network as AQ. I didn't realise Osama's barmy army had become quite so cool. It almost sounds like a rebrand. Perhaps an expensive new logo will soon be unveiled?

According to the Sky man, if a homegrown Indian organisation turns out to be behind the bloodshed, it will be an example of the "AQ franchise" at work. Franchising? Do you think the locals buy in? A couple of million Rupees up front and they're sent a full kit of grenades, AK-47s and anything else they need to sell terror door to door in their local area.

Unfortunately, it's probably not too far from the truth. They even throw in an introductory training course if you're able to make your way to a cave near the Afghan/Pakistan border.

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