Monday, November 03, 2008

The best wurst

We all want to know that our sausages come from the right kind of places, don't we? Well, these ones come from Harrogate. Or at least 97% of them do. The rest must come from somewhere else. The important thing is that the meat is sourced from farms that are "personally approved by Debbie & Andrew". And if Debbie & Andrew approve of them, that's surely all any of us need to know. Even if we've only become acquainted with them via their new recyclable cardboard sleeve made from renewable FSC approved paper sources.

According to the gushing blurb, penned by the eponymous stars of the sausage brand: "Our weekly family tasting sessions with the children help us ensure we continue making the tastiest, loveliest, most perfect of sausages."

Just as long as you're not tasting my sausages, Debbie & Andrew. I'll be looking out for teeth marks.

1 comment:

  1. Unless dear old D&A mean that their product is 97% sausages. As for the other 3%, judging from the picture, perhaps they make up the balance with old wellington boots?