Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Tapasians have arrived

Aliche calls us the Tapasians. She's referrring to people who are prepared for a real night on the town and aren't content with the idea of heading home after just a couple of quick G&Ts in a local boozer. Unfortunately, Aliche herself isn't a Tapasian, as the lure of a Ruby Murray prepared by her boyfriend was more attractive to her than a trip to the Navarros Tapas restaurant in Charlotte Street.


Russ, Kevin, Caroline and I weren't going to be deterred by la Liche's lack of enthusisam. We went completely loco and tapped into the local Spanish tapas with el gusto. Caroline told us about her holiday plans and is worried there may possibly have been a misunderstanding that has led to her sharing a room with two female companions and a jacuzzi.

Russ discovered a unique dessert on the Navarros menu which is described as being "literally the Gypsy's arm". Kevin has an instinct for anything that might be ever-so-slightly politically incorrect and thought he should sample said delicacy with a view to bringing a prosecution under human rights legislation. Photographic evidence below.

All the people featured in this story are paid up subscribers to Washed and Ready to Eat. Well, not paid up as such, because I couldn't actually charge anyone for reading, but they do check it out once in a while.

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