Thursday, May 31, 2007

Urgently need ambitious one who can assist the President

For some reason, I’m in regular receipt of emails from a company called VieclamBank in Vietnam with headers reading Thong Tin Tuyen Dung Trong Tuan. Although I’m not up with the local lingo, I think it roughly translates as “This week’s great job opportunities”. If I want to be a Japanese-speaking Customer Services Officer in Hanoi or a Sales Supervisor in Ho Chi Minh City, then my birthday and Christmas have come at once.

Some of the English copy could do with a bit of tidying.

JV-IT, we learn, “usually send its good trained engineers to Japan for various IT projects with full supports of life, accommodation, etc”.

And sex/age discrimination legislation doesn’t feature large in this part of the world either, by the looks of things. Supermarket Managers for Uni-Charm (Vietnam) need to be men aged between 28 and 40. I thought I just about qualified until I read that "data thinking & analytical ability & challenge spirit is requested.” That knocks that one on the head, then.

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