Thursday, May 24, 2007

Special Constable update

I've now studied the Special Constable poster in more detail (see blogs passim) and can reveal the idea is even more complex and bizarre than I first thought.

You'll recall that a Special is on some seedy looking street corner, just yards away from where a drug deal is in progress. He's keenly observing events and looks ready to take some kind of action.

The copy says that Specials wear uniform and always have back-up. But this guy is on his own in plain clothes.


Perhaps he's off duty but just can't leave the policing thing alone? Once a part-time copper, always a part-time copper.

But wait. There is back up. It comes in the form of the constable's own reflection in a puddle.

If he took his eyes off the criminal activity for just a second and took the trouble to look down at his feet, he'd see that in Puddle Land, he is wearing a uniform and carrying a radio.

There's enough material here to fill a semiotics seminar for a day. If I discover any further layers to the creative concept, I'll let you know.


  1. I'm a bit worried that a seasoned sits vac pro like you, Phil, missed the reflection part of the concept - this probably means that the ordinary punter in the street has almost certainly missed it. Which maybe makes it too clever by half. When you have been involved an creating an ad from the "inside", it's hard to detach yourself from how the outside world sees it in the cold light of day.

  2. Alternatively, I may just be as thick as two short planks, Hoffy. It may be that everyone understands what's going on apart from me.

  3. If it makes you feel better, Phil, my boss who actually works for TMP didn't spot the reflection either. Possibly a demotion is called for...

  4. I'm unclear as to who's due a demotion, Hoffy. You, me or your boss?