Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The lifestyle of simian slebs

I was intrigued by the story of the 15-year-old celebrity chimp called Travis who was shot after mauling a lady in the USA. The monkey's claim to fame was his previous appearance in ads and TV shows and the glamour appeared to have gone to his head. A combination of his remarkable success and the symptoms of Lyme disease made him somewhat unpredictable and - in the words of the local Police Captain - 'rambunctious'. So rambunctious, in fact, that Travis was dosed up on the anti-depressant Xanax.

This was sad news indeed for an ape who drank wine from a stemmed glass and was known to surf the internet.

I've been wondering what websites he favoured. Banana Republic perhaps? Or Iwannabelikeyoutube?

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