Monday, February 09, 2009

"Pastrami on rye and hold the mayo, why don't you?"

Even regular readers of WARTE may be unaware that I write semi-serious blogs elsewhere. I was pleased to get a mention in the latest edition of The Guardian for a piece I wrote some time ago about the larger-than-life Hong Kong tailor Raja Daswani and his eccentric advertising.

The author of the article in today's paper, Jonathan Margolis, made the mistake of assuming that I was based in New York and kindly emailed to apologise. No offence was taken. In fact, it makes me sound much more glamorous that I actually am. Although I'm writing this blog in a windswept and rather wet Falmouth, most of my time is spent hopping between lectures and training sessions on the London tube, clutching a copy of The Metro and worrying about some piece of copy that I promised someone I'd write. Now I have the potential to reinvent myself as a go-getting socialite of NYC, flitting between sophisticated Sex and the City style parties and my holiday home in the Hamptons.

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