Monday, February 02, 2009

Butler! Where's them buses?

A bit of snow in London and they cancel every single bus service. Mrs W encountered a Czech woman at a bus stop this morning who'd been waiting for an hour. She seemed astonished when informed that the great British worker had deemed the conditions too perilous to leave the depot.

Back in the 80s, the Mrs spent a year in a town called Jena in the former German Democratic (sic) Republic. (That's the Communist East for WARTE readers whose memories don't stretch back quite that far.) Every morning, at 4am, she left for her shift in a local hospital with snow up to her knees. She'd join hundreds of commuters heading for a nearby factory, who all travelled on buses. Packed to the rafters. In the early hours of the morning.

If only we had a time machine available for the managers of London Buses, eh? They could pick up a few tips from the transport commissars, couldn't they?

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