Friday, September 05, 2008

That American presidential contest in full

The US Presidential election is shaping up to be a real humdinger.

I have to say, hand on heart, that I was a Hillary Clinton fan. Not because she's a likeable politician or someone who lights my emotional candle, but because I thought she'd have the guts and balls to really stick it to the Republicans. She'd get down and dirty, which is what you need when you're in a street fight. I like Obama, but that's not necessarily a good thing. I remember once choosing a solicitor because I liked her, but she was pretty crap. I ended up advising her on things that were wrong with a property contract. Perhaps I should have sent her a bill?

My confidence in Obama has been growing steadily as the campaign has progressed. I have my fingers crossed that he won't buckle under the relentless onslaught that's coming in the next couple of months. But having seen the Republican Convention, I admit my anxiety is rising. McCain-Palin must be one of the barmiest tickets ever produced in modern American politics. The introduction of the moose-munching Alaskan Governor is the equivalent of a hand grenade being thrown into the race.

Let's just imagine that the eccentric Vietnam vet and self-styled 'maverick' makes it into the White House on 4th November at the grand old age of 72. Moose features - who seemed such a good idea during the Convention season - will suddenly become a bit of a problem. I expect she won't shut up. And her forthright views on guns, evolution and God knows what else will cause McCain no end of trouble, as she becomes a magnet for every rightwing crackpot across the States. It will make an interesting spectacle and no doubt cause no end of amusement. Until such time as McCain's ticker gives out. And then we're in a whole new ball game.

So, for everyone's sake, Mr Obama, please give it everything you got. The whole nine yards. Because this Londoner is worried that we may soon be looking back fondly on the George W Bush era.

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  1. Have faith, Phil - that hand grenade will blow up sooner rather than later. I think she will prove to be the biggest turn-off once the fascination with her guns, guts, glasses and grandchildren-to-be wears off. Sometime in mid-October.

    It's a choice that has "desperate" written all over it - and undermines his whole attack plan against Obama - the lack of experience.