Friday, September 05, 2008

The housing market in perspective

There's a very amusing double-page spread in my local property rag. Space has been given to a number of the estate agents to offer their considered opinions of the way the market is going in the area. Not surprisingly, many of them are full of bravado and puff.

"It is simply a matter of time before we see a recovery," blusters one, although I note he doesn't specify exactly how much time. Another contributor seems to deal only in properties worth several million quid and, unsurprisingly, reports this market as being largely unaffected by the credit crunch.

Some agents are, however, clearly at a loss to know what to say. One of them has invited a TV programme into a house which they describe as "an eccentric four-bedroom family home". Another tells the readers frankly that if they're selling and have found a buyer, they should jump into rented accommodation quickly. The biscuit is awarded, however, to the firm which sidesteps the market turmoil entirely. "Keeping spirits high," they write, "we recently held a company softball night in Marble Hill Park."

That's the spirit. And they've included a very fetching picture of the lady estate agents in their softball gear. I predict a deluge of calls from interested male buyers early next week.

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