Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From Russia with a lovely line in patter

Multi-talented though I am, I've never seen myself as the potential Financial Manager for a company that "primarily deals in corporate and residential ground plans".

Vladimir Voldin thinks I'm underestimating my own abilities.

In an email received yesterday, the exotic Russian spammer tells me that he's reviewed my CV and thinks I have "a good chance to receive the position". He's kind enough to supply answers to a number of FAQs. The first one explains why his company only ever hires US citizens. At this point, Vlad, I was starting to smell just a little bit of a rat. You see, I'm actually a British citizen who is disqualified from the job by your own criteria. So I think there's a good chance that you'll have to receive your position back.

It's obviously a difficult job to fill though. Later the same day, Vladimir's mate Vasily Galeev wrote with exactly the same offer. Except this time, the name of the company had changed. Quick work lads, but there's no flies on me.


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    I received the same offer, my resume was on Monster, and I laughed at the email that informed me I would be collecting money from *suckers* who probably will never get the furniture they order, and then based on what they are saying on the email I have to forward the money over to Moscow. Guess who ends up in court for non delivery of goods? That's right, the idiot who thinks a bogus company from Moscow will pay $3000-$5000 for 2-3 hours of work, that's the one who ends up in court! I love the internet, its easier to check up on retarded companies who assume everyone is gullible. I am also a British citizen, and although I can work legally in the U.S. I believe it won't be for Vasily Galeev, and his housedesignstudio company. Thankfully others will do research and job sites will ban these solicitations.

  2. I think I may have gotten the same offer today from Vasily Galeev. I am an interior designer and can barely balance my own check book let alone be a Financial Manager.
    What is the point of this sort of offer? Most people are going to know it is a scam. I think I may play along with it for a little while.

  3. Anonymous1:05 PM

    That is the first thing I smelled as well! Rubbish, I said. First and foremost, who really has my email address? Just friends, as mine is far too complicated for most people to simply come across by guessing. Also, I never heard of said company, but I am used to scammers--I did a lot of reading on these things. Finally, the email did not let me click and drag words. Real emails allow you to do that...not this one. Only American citizens also smelled bogus. How did they KNOW I was a citizen? There was no way of knowing. I am sorry, mates, don't buy that rubbish for even a second!


  4. I also got this one and another one to rtade precious metals. I don't know where they get this stuff and who would ever fall for it. It is more obvious than all those people dying and leaving me all those millions