Monday, February 18, 2008

Surreal spam

"You are there..." reads the subject header.

"Yes, but Stavros is somewhere else," continues the email. "Your friend has just witnessed the greatest art form ever created by a human man. That is why you have just received an email from the creator of this art. Who is this amazing man you ask? It is Stavros. Stavros is the genius behind Position Art. What is Position Art you ask? It is never what, it is always where. That is Position Art, the art form that answers the life-long question of where. Please do not be so foolish as to miss out on where you will find this art. It's on the Internets, and to go there you have to click over there where it says click here."

That last sentence is very special indeed. Generally I find that when something's on the Internets, I do need to click over there where it says click here. Or otherwise I end up not going anywhere at all. It's a big problem.

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