Thursday, February 07, 2008

A right pear

Here’s one I’ve just posted to This conversation really happened the other night in the Novotel St Pancras, close to the new Eurostar terminal.

I’d pressed for the lift on the fourth floor and was looking to go down to the lobby. Two elderly Scottish ladies emerged and then realised that they hadn’t reached the ground, so got back in with me. We got talking.

PHIL: “They call this the panoramic lift.”

LADY 1: “Yes, we’re up on the twelfth floor.”

PHIL: “The views must be pretty good from up there.”

LADY 2: “Oh, yes. You can see St Paul’s. And that…er… what do you call it… the avocado?”

PHIL: “The Gherkin?”

LADY 2: “Ah, yes, that’s it. The Gherkin.”

We reached the ground floor and went our separate ways. I hope they didn’t have any problems ordering dinner.

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