Wednesday, January 30, 2008

St Peter better watch out...

... because Beadle's about.

Those of us old enough to remember his first outing on Game for a Laugh will know that wherever Jeremy is right now, he'll still be "watching us... watching you... watching us... watching you..."


  1. Ah the charming naivity of telly in the 1980s. Can we imagine any TV Exec today looking at Henry Kelly, Beadle's co-host on GFAL, and thinking: "you know - I think he's just the sort of zany front man for a Saturday night show".

  2. You have to say, though, that Henry Kelly probably did best out of all of them in many ways. His namesake Matthew ran into a few spots of bother. So did that posh Sarah. But Henry went on to greater things. "And here's your host on Going for Gold..."