Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Warne-ing to one of my colleagues

People in any profession cringe when one of their number behaves in such a way as to bring everybody else into disrepute. As a professional copywriter, I can only apologise profusely for this testimonial ad from Shane Warne, which was recently the subject of an adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority. The following excerpt is taken from the ASA's website:

A national press ad, for Advanced Hair Studio (AHS), was headlined " 'ADVANCED HAIR, YEAH, YEAH!' Says cricket legend, Shane Warne". Next to a picture of Shane Warne the ad stated "Shane Warne uses the Advance Hair and Scalp fitness program AHS-FP". The ad featured a testimonial from Warne, which stated "I've been hearing it for years but to me I've always taken it as 'warning'. And that warning is - if I didn't do something about my fine and thin hair they could well be chanting 'baldy!' So see Advanced Hair Studio ... and your hair will be looking better than ever. Don't wait until it's too late, get your FREE ADVANCED HAIR CHECK! and heed the Warne-ing today!"

Here's a Warne-ing to the person that wrote this crap. Whatever you do, don't ever go freelance.

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