Saturday, June 09, 2007

I could be indefatigable. In the wink of an eye for cheap!

Two entertaining pieces of poorly targeted spam recently arrived at Woodford Towers. Stylistically, they're clearly from the same school and I thought I'd share them with you. I've blanked out a certain word to save the blushes of delicate Washed and Ready readers.

It doesn't seem good for ya.. and you can't call yourself a Man, from the capital letter M, because your **** is damn short? It's not a problem anymore with our brand new remedy pills
that will make your **** REALLY BIGGER!

Got a little hitch in your sex life, we can put it in the helve easily! Our remedy will make you really indefatigable lover in a wink of an eye for cheap! But be quick, our offer gonna expire soon!

You wouldn't fancy going for a drink with this particular spammer, would you?

"Got a little hitch at the bar, from the capital letter H, cos their happy hour for cheap gonna expire soon. Couldn't get you that damn short you ordered, Phil!"

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