Friday, April 20, 2007

What does every foxy chick read?

Mrs W is in receipt of a sexy new magazine from upmarket estate agents, Foxtons. Trendily titled in lower-case, area features interviews with local sales managers, as well as the usual enticements for early viewings at new instructions.

Victoria Machin, from the branch near Richmond underground station, tells us that 57 buyers who registered in February had over a million quid to spend on their new pad. Lack of supply means that she's currently unable to match them to a property.

Your heart just bleeds, doesn't it?

"One of the most common requests from families looking to buy in the area," writes Victoria, "is for a five or six bedroomed house at the top of Richmond Hill..."

That's one of my requests too, Vicky. Except that I'm a fiver or two short.

Know a publication by its advertisers. The inside front cover of this glossy title features a full-page promotion for Emporio Armani. The back cover is given over to Lavazza.

It will look very smart in my recycling bin.

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