Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fast food

The indicator board at Totnes station promised a “travelling chef” on the train back to London. I wasn’t clear whether this galloping gourmet was ‘travelling’ merely by virtue of being on the train – in the same way that we are all ‘travelling passengers’ – or whether he moved within the train, perhaps stir-frying exotic dishes in the aisles on a while-u-wait basis. A third scenario was that he might have travelled down from, say, Inverness, just to be on the 12.27 with us.

In the event, I was disappointed to find no evidence of any chef, peripatetic or otherwise. Just regular sandwiches at £3.55 and crisps at 85p a packet.

1 comment:

  1. Another possibility might have been s/he was a travelling chef in the sense of an itinerent chef, maybe like a New Age Traveller. Maybe s/he walks from station to station, seeking culinary work with the train companies. And nicking clothes off their washing lines when no-one is looking.