Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sub Post Offices, rats, DVDs and imitation firearms

A long time ago, I promised that I'd occasionally update you on things that are sold in my local sub Post Office. As with a lot of things I promise on Washed and Ready to Eat, it never quite happened. Time for me to make amends.

I was in the queue yesterday and noted a DVD lens cleaner, 85p water pistols and glue traps for cockroaches, mice and rats.

You'd have to be really sick to use glue to trap rats. And then to drown the poor, immobilised creature with a burst from your water gun. It doesn't bear thinking about.

But the post office shoppers aren't content with that. They want to film the whole episode, making sure that they get optimal playback on their DVD! Come on. That's bang out of order. This country is going down hill fast.

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