Friday, December 08, 2006

24-hour teeth

Mrs W was trying to renew her dental insurance and was outraged to discover that the call centre closed at 4.30 on a Friday afternoon.

I completely understand her anger. If someone wants to renew their dental policy, they should be able to do it at three in the morning if they want. Whatever happened to good, old-fashioned customer service?

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  1. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Mrs W is right to be outraged by this slap dash approach to customer service. I myself have been recently outraged by this lack of Customer service. Since when did you have to pass a series of top secret tests to help an abandoned animal? Thinking that i would do my bit of the mangey animals of this country (especially in light of the time of year) I phoned up the Blue Cross (a kind of second class RSPCA). Not only was I interograted as to why i wanted said animal, I was probed as to whether i could provide suitable 5 star accomodation 24 hours a day and then was very rudely told that they wouldn't consider my "application" because i had the audacity to work. AND they hung up on me.

    Now i know that this has nothing really to do with Mrs W's teeth, but you know, i was rather put out. They're supposed to be nice people aren't they.

    Anyway, i'm still cat-less. Any suggestions anyone?