Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happiness on a different scale

I do love the full-page ads from EW Technologies in the Metro.

The company treats us to detailed testimonials from customers who have battled with limescale before installing the firm's Gold Series water softening systems.

Peter and Chris Warner are all smiles.

Before EWT came into their lives, appliances were constantly breaking down, while dry, cracked hands meant that bills for moisturiser were soaring. It's a heart-rending story that is no doubt played out across countless homes in the heavily calcified south of England.

Now, after a visit from a polite, professional engineer, the shower door is clean and they're using less shampoo and gel when they pop inside for a wash.

Interestingly, Mr Warner believes that shaving is easier too. 'I get a far closer shave,' he says. 'And when I use any soaps they seem to lather up a lot more.'

It's hard to imagine how things could get any better, but thanks to the free G1 drinking filter supplied by EWT as part of the installation, the couple have been able to put their old jug filters on eBay. Let's hope we can return to them after the auction bonanza is over and see exactly how much they've been able to add to their savings on Radox.

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