Monday, May 27, 2013

Hurry up, darling. Where's the ham and coke?

Butter wouldn't melt... the She Quickie Cookbook has every tip the 60s housewife needs

Every so often, it's good to feature a book on Washed and Ready, although it's fair to say my reviews can sometimes be a little tardy. I'm just catching up with the 1964 She Quickie Cookbook No 2, which is full of great recipe tips for the busy modern woman.

"Tonight there's a wonderful play on T.V., so it's a quick and early supper." Ah, in that case, it must be haddock with eggs. After cutting fins and tails, opening cans of spinach and doing a bit of simmering, stirring and sizzling, we lift the egg and ease it gently on to the fish. "Call husband to table," the copy continues. "Ease out second egg. Stir spinach and arrange around dish as a border. Serve immediately."

Your appetite must be well and truly whetted by now.

"He just 'phoned to say Surprise, he's bringing two home for supper..." No problem. Not when you've got the recipe for devilled lamb's tongues up your sleeve. "Open the can of tongues and heat gently in a pan with the Babycham..."

But what if it's a special occasion? I strongly recommend Ham in 'Coke' sauce.

"You'll never be alone any more once you've had him round to a supper featuring this 15-minute super-savoury... Put ham with 2 cloves into a saucepan. Add the Coca-Cola, leaving a little to mix with the cornflour, and boil for 5 mins."

Next time on WARTE: Kidney Scramble. "Finicky boy friend coming to supper? There'll be no more finicks when he's finished this dish - your only trouble will be stopping him asking for more..."

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