Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Inject something new into your holiday plans

I couldn't quite believe my ears the other day when an ad on the music-streaming service Spotify invited me to visit Flu Camp.

The commercial spot was sponsored by a company called Retroscreen Virology Ltd, who are looking for volunteers to earn up to £3,000 staying in a hotel or 'other comfortable facility' for up to a fortnight. Their website promises all mod cons - ensuite bathrooms, wireless internet and Playstation - as well as three square meals a day and a mystery room mate.

By signing up, you're helping develop new vaccines and getting yourself a free medical check-up, which I suppose is not to be sniffed at. They're perhaps pushing their luck though with the claim that it's a place to make new friends and catch up on work and study. So is my local café. But when I visit the café, I don't expect to be offered the nasal sprays, pills, injections or drips which are mentioned on the FAQ page of the Flu Camp site.

There's only one thing that I can't quite glean from the online promotional material. Would I need to be given the flu before I was given the cure for the flu? And if so, would this put me off my three meals a day, work catch-up sessions and new friendship opportunities?

There's probably only one way to find out: a visit to Flu Camp. Unfortunately though, I already have a prior engagement at the Chicken Pox Country Club. I go there every year. Lovely spot.

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