Sunday, November 14, 2010

Old Tricks

Mrs W loves Garrow's Law, the BBC's period legal drama. Well, I think she loves the bloke who plays William Garrow, if we're completely honest.

The show is supposed to be authentic in its late 18th century historical detail. Garrow did actually exist and the cases are all there in the archives. Tonight's was about the Zong Massacre - a landmark in the struggle to abolish the Atlantic slave trade.

One thing puzzles me though. If it's all so true to life, why is former Detective Inspector Brian Lane from New Tricks there?

I keep expecting Dennis Waterman to pop up too.

"What say you, Detective Sergeant Standing? Should a man bear witness to injustice and corrupton and stand idly by?"

"Do what? If the geezer's a wrong 'un, I think you need to throw the book at him, as it 'appens..."

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