Tuesday, October 06, 2009

All good gifts around us are sent from... Waitrose

Mrs W got a good snapshot of the modern-day harvest festival when she attended a local church service in our south-west London enclave. All the usual trappings were there - including the boxes of food assembled for distribution to the needy of the parish. Her feeling was that the recipients might struggle to identify many of the contents, however. In place of the traditional fare (tinned peaches, Green Giant and some Ambrosia creamed rice), the well-meaning Waitrose shoppers in the congregation had brought along exotic hand-woven pasta and Whole Earth baked beans.

I can just picture the bemused elderly couple opening their package.

'Stan, what's this?'

'I don't know love. But if the writing's foreign, best throw it in the bin.'


  1. My son's primary school seems to have dispensed with harvest festival altogether in favour of fundraising activity for clean water projects overseas.

    Not sure whether this is a reflection of modern loss of faith, or an accurate understanding of the irrelevance of the idea of a harvest season in the UK, now we can buy strawberries from Zambia in January.