Sunday, October 18, 2009

Whatever you do, don't laugh...

It will be all white on the night... Capital Dental comes up trumps for patient Mark Jones

Sorry to share this picture with you on a family blog, but it's taken from a leaflet pushed through the door at Woodford Towers to promote the services of a company called Capital Dental. The cosmetic specialists in Hampton, Middlesex provide a case study of a lucky patient called Mark Jones. "I had always been concerned about the appearance of my teeth," he says in a piece of testimonial blurb. So concerned, in fact, that according to the copy, he never smiled.

What? Never?

Apparently so. "If something had really made me smile," Mark continues, "I always covered my mouth."

Friends, presumably, would have come to recognise this rather endearing - if idiosyncratic and self-conscious - habit. Let's hope he was never given any laughing gas at the dentist's. Anyway, a few porcelain veneers later, all is well.

"Just look at my before and after pictures," reflects Mark. "I am a new person, full of self confidence."

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