Sunday, June 14, 2009

TV just continues to improve

News of two great new telly shows reached me last week, courtesy of SRO Audiences.

The first programme stars the ever-popular (sic) Gloria Hunniford, who has been charged with investigating the power of angels in our lives.

I'll let SRO take up the story:

The series uses dramatic reconstructions to tell stories of real life angelic experiences; each is uplifting and inspiring acting as the perfect tonic for today’s turbulent times. A panel of experts, including angel expert Glennyce Eckersley, discuss the evidence in a bid to discover if there really are ‘Angels All Around Us’.

How exactly does a person become an 'angel expert', do you think? Is it just through the sheer quantity of angels they've encountered over the years?

I'd like to be able to explain the second show to you, but the blurb has left me none the wiser. In a nutshell, Knowitalls is a quiz without questions, presented by Giles Brandreth.

A quiz without questions?

SRO are quick to explain. It's apparently "where the players (sic) breadth of knowledge is tested to the limit because for the first time, 2 teams of 3 are battling it out to impress real experts on their specialist subjects."

Could one of these real experts be an angel expert, I wonder? If so, I bet they'd be hard to impress.

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