Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Enough crisp gags already

As a copywriter, I always have a pun in my pocket, although it doesn't necessarily mean that people are pleased to see me. In the workshops I run, I always stress that plays on words can be great for getting an idea across, but shouldn't be a substitute for an idea.

Walkers - the giant crisp brand, fronted by former England footballer Gary Lineker - is currently promoting a 'limited edition' multipack. It allows me to collect points which will provide me with 'fantastic savings' on attractions such as top sporting events and music festivals. In honour of these savings, the flavours have been renamed as follows: Sour Cream & Drive (with an accompanying photo of a golf ball); Roast Beef & Horseracing (picture of a jockey) and Mango-karting Chutney (snap of a mini race track).

This stuff is so desperate that I am inclined to join in the fun.

Another golf flavour would be Tees & Onion, perhaps. Or maybe Worcester Course. And for the music festivals, how about Prawn Rocktail?

Ok. There's an element of sour grapes here. I was promised a party pack for suggesting the duck and plum sauce flavour in their competition last year, but nothing ever arrived. Or should that be duck and scrum?

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