Friday, October 10, 2008

I have to say wtf?

Someone told me yesterday that it's now common practice in bars and pubs for people to say "brb" when they nip off to the toilet. For the uninitiated, this expression is text messaging lingo for "be right back".

It struck me that life could become a lot simpler if we were able to conduct all our conversation in text. We could, for instance, simply say "lol" or "rofl" rather than actually going to the effort of laughing. All suggestions welcome here on the Washed and Ready to Eat comments board. On the other hand, you may just shrug your shoulders and say yyrw.

1 comment:

  1. I've never heard anyone say brb! Text speak is great for online use, but I think I'd find it really irritating if people started chatting to me in text talk in person!

    One of my friends has an irritating habit on MSN of abbreviating things then writing out what it means... e.g. lol = laugh out loud. Isn't the point of abbreviating that you DON'T write the full phrase??! Maybe he's taking a leaf out your book and swapping online for offline!