Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome to the body farm

I was a little disappointed with the first instalment of Stephen Fry's trip round the USA, but the second episode last night (9pm, BBC1) was pretty compelling. Britain's favourite upmarket funnyman spent time with banjo pickers in Tennessee and waltzed around a Florida dancefloor with New York's ageing Jewish diaspora. The most bizarre moment, however, came when he visited a so-called "body farm", where an earnest young lady spent her days monitoring the decomposition of human corpses in a walled garden. There were about 120 dead bodies in all and it seemed they didn't exactly smell too pleasant. From what we could gather, it had something to do with criminal forensic science.

Mrs W was wondering whether similar body farms exist in the UK. If you know of any, please email and we can maybe post a map of places to avoid.

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