Thursday, August 09, 2007

Tatjana, du bist eine spammerin.

Interesting email from Cologne today, sent by a lady called Tatjana Fengler.

"You yourself or somebody you know," she writes, "has submitted this eMail to our mailing list in order to receive periodically our offers and demands from (sic) second hand printing machines and equipment."

Let me say categorically, Tatjana, that I myself have no interest whatsoever in second-hand printing machines and equipment. I doubt very much that somebody I know would presume to subscribe on my behalf. Which leads to me to one very obvious conclusion: you yourself, Tatjana, or somebody you know has done it. And that's very naughty indeed.

I'd accuse you right here and now of being a spammer, were it not for the small print in your email which seems to let you off the hook:

"This message is forwarded according to the new electronic mail legislation: Section 301, paragraph (a) (2) (c) from S.1618 under the title 3 of the S1618 decree, approved on the 105th SPAM international regulations congress, this email will not be considered SPAM while we have provided ("opt out"/ e-mail contact so you can be deleted from our mailing list."

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