Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Interesting career moves down under

Private detectives in Sydney have been paid by authorities to have sex with prostitutes as part of an under-the-cover crackdown on illegal brothels. I’m trying to picture that conversation back at home.

“G’day sweetheart!”

“G’day, Jimbo, darlin! How’s things goin’ at work?”

“Reckon! You know what? I don’t like to bignote meself, but things are really picking up, Marlene. I’ve landed me this great piece of work from the government. Only thing is I’ll have to put in some unusual hours.”

“You little ripper! What you gonna be doin’, Jimbo?”

“Can’t say, babe. Still got to nut out all the detail. But you may find I’m a little tired when I come home over the next few weeks…”

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