Thursday, November 09, 2006

Their cup runneth over

Puccino's - a coffee bar with a licence to operate on railway stations in the London area - likes to have quite a bit of fun with its promotional copy. I particularly enjoy the signs on the doors of their outlets, which bear the legend "Shut happens".

They've really lost the plot though with the blurb on the coffee cups. I sometimes wonder whether people are having a laugh with old Phil and deliberately writing stuff so that they can be featured on Washed and Ready to Eat.

Coffee and a croissant please

We get this request a lot, what with us selling coffees and croissants and all that. Our staff are trained to go over to where we keep them and pick them up and give them to the person that said the request out of his mouth. I said 'his' there. This doesn't mean that we don't serve women. Oh no. We serve them alright. Big time. Well not big time. Just all normal. But friendly. Always with the friendly.

Someone needs to tell Puccino's that there's clever. And then there's clever-clever.

As a customer, my reaction is as follows.

Just serve me. Serve me big time. Tell me why your regular cappuccino is actually worth £1.95.

But friendly. Always with the friendly already, capisce?

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