Thursday, October 05, 2006

Some retail questions that are troubling me

Tesco. The self scan facility. How come there's no chip and pin number required? If some tea leaf swipes your card, all he needs to do is swipe it through the reader at the supermarket and he's walked away with a bag of groceries. Bang out of order.

Another local retailer - I'll keep this one anonymous, as I don't want to victimise the poor souls that are working there - has signs up at the tills warning the checkout people not to steal. I had to do a double take, as I'd originally assumed the messages were directed at the customers. But no. They're warning the employees that the tills are monitored remotely. When I see stuff like this, it makes me really glad I'm self-employed. (I'm the best boss I've ever had. Firm, but fair.)

One final thing - and I know I've blogged about this before - is the extraordinary radio station that's piped to convenience stores around the country. I was in there today and a commercial was telling me that I was probably dehydrated and needed to buy a drink. Not a particular brand of drink. Just a drink. Any drink.

Bizarrely, the station is also used to relay messages to the shopkeepers. The other week, they were saying that if there was any problem with the reception of the radio station, there was some technical team that could be called out. But if the radio were down, the people running the shop would never hear the message, would they?

It's all too much for me. I'm like so outta here.

Off for some retail therapy.

Or just some therapy.

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