Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Travel insurance

Mrs W had a bout of tonsillitis and pharyngitis on our recent holiday (she's a martyr to her throat), so we had to visit a local doctor. When you arrive at the surgery, you're supposed to put on slippers, but I have to admit that I missed this particular piece of Swissiquette. Perhaps it has something to do with germs? I've never been asked to wear slippers at a doctor's in London.

Anyway, the bill and the subsequent medications probably came to about £100. We thought we'd claim it back on our travel insurance on return.

You wouldn't believe the guff they expect you to send. Nightmare form to fill in. Loads of original documents, showing our shoe sizes etc. I felt compelled to send these special delivery, in case they got lost, which cost about £4. The excess is £50, I think, so we've already written off more than half the cost. Mrs W and I spent a couple of hours getting everything together.

All in all, you have to ask whether it's worth it. But we're not prepared to shrug our shoulders and say forget it. I'll keep you posted.

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