Saturday, May 02, 2015

If I have a glazed look, here's why...

A glossy magazine has arrived on the doorstep of Woodford Towers. Strangely, it's not the one that appears every month with ads for all the private prep schools and multi-million pound properties. This one is produced by Mabel Gray on behalf of a company called Jack Brunsdon & Son, which has been installing windows and doors for half a century.

As you can imagine, the editors confirm that it has been 'fun bringing this magazine together' and a quick glance at the contents page explains why.

Page 10: 'We replaced our PVC windows with timber ones...'

Page 13: Which paint finish will you choose?

Page 14:  Focus on the new greys - today's popular shades

It's clear that I need to set a weekend aside for this. I'll file it between GQ and Take a Break.

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