Monday, April 28, 2014

Paws for thought

I noticed recently that Purina's Gourmet Perle is truly the cat's whiskers. The sachets of tasty morsels, much beloved of hungry felines, are branded either Chef's Collection or Connoiseur's Collection (sic).

In the first instance, I'm wondering who exactly this lucky chef is.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the Purina kitchen. (Not that there would be any flies on the wall, of course, in such a reputable establishment.) But I have images of Gordon Ramsay marshalling a team of staff.

"What the f*** exactly is this s***? You think this is good enough for Kitty? This is Gourmet Perle we're talking about. If you think that's going in my collection, you've got another f***ing think coming!"

When it comes to the Connoisseur, I'm thinking it's unfortunate that their high standards in matters culinary don't extend to spelling. But cats aren't known for their grasp of the 3Rs, I guess.

Mmm... perhaps just a pinch more salt: Chef prepares his next Gourmet Perle collection

Purina's Gourmet Perle may spell a tasty meal, but spelling isn't its strong point.

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