Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's no ordinary writing instrument. But then, you're no ordinary customer.

What should arrive in the mail the other day but a pen inscribed with the name of my company? Apparently I can get fifty of them knocked up for £49.50 and will then receive another fifty FREE! If my maths is correct, that's almost as good as getting 100 of them for £49.50.

The letter that accompanies the sample is truly lol-inducing.

I am informed in the copy that 'this is no ordinary writing instrument'. In fact, 'the gleaming lacquer finish and polished chrome trim make this a pen customers and prospects will treasure and use every day'.

I'm asked to picture just how impressed folks are going to be when I present them with this 'extraordinary ad gift'. They'll not only remember my thoughtfulness and generosity, but 'share their sentiments' with friends who've noticed and admired my 'exceptional executive' present.

See what you make of it below. If demand is strong among fans of WARTE, you might just find a little something extra in your stocking this Christmas.

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